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A client or student who uses a trainer or attends classes to get and stay fit.

  • Find trainers, studios, classes, and sessions
  • Purchase packages, memberships, and subscriptions
  • Book and manage classes and sessions
  • Provide ratings and reviews for trainers and studios
  • Best of all, get fit and stay healthy while having fun!


A trainer or instructor who works for one or more studios, gyms, salons, etc.

  • Create your own Professional profile
  • Connect with the studios and gyms you work at
  • View, receive updates, and manage your own schedule
  • Create your own sessions and classes
  • Receive ratings and reviews from your clients
  • Increase your professional exposure and book more clients!


A studio, gym, spa, club or salon that offers appointments or classes and employs one or more professionals (including you).

  • Create your own Business profile
  • Connect with the professionals that work for you
  • Create, manage, and sell products and packages to customers
  • Add and manage your customer lists
  • Offer promotions to customers
  • Create and manage schedule of classes and appointments
  • Receive ratings and reviews from your clients
  • Accept payments online and in store instantly