Tandava Arts Bellydance

Tandava Arts Bellydance

307 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
Dance, Dance Studio, Group Classes, Cardio


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Date Username Comments Rating
1/27/2024 Velazquez Benitez
The instructor is super helpful and creative!
1/22/2024 Alix1
I love carols classes
1/15/2024 Feldman16
Carol is an excellent teacher. She explains and demonstrated technique with clarity and passion for middle eastern belly dance. It’s a fun and invigorating workout
12/1/2023 Alix1
My favorite class ever!
11/28/2023 Alix1
Best class Evver
11/14/2023 Alix1
I absolutely love these
11/10/2023 Alix1
I love carols classes!
10/3/2023 Alix1
I love carols classes they are super fun and an amazing work out
10/3/2023 Alix1
I love carols classes she speaks my language and her classes are so much fun
8/18/2023 Resabala
I love it
7/25/2023 Cassidy16
Great session with an amazing teacher, Carol! I loved how easy it was to follow the moves even when trying belly dancing for the very first time. Definitely coming back for more, much more!
7/10/2023 Alix1
I love it
7/2/2023 Oz1
Thank you very much for this amazing experience, Carol!
6/19/2023 kat62591
Very fun class!
5/18/2023 Sun9
Great teacher with a great community of students!
3/17/2023 Messaoudi
Carol is a great teacher, and not intimidating. It’s a pleasure to dance with her
3/12/2023 Brodsky2
2/23/2023 Riggins1
My 1st class was amazing.... Carol was great in showing us the moves. She was patient and a lot o fun. Can't wait to take my next class.
2/5/2023 Rodriguez239
Great class!!
8/28/2022 Wilders
Fantastic, fun class!