Sarasota Contemporary Dance

Sarasota Contemporary Dance

1400 Blvd of the Arts Suite 300
Sarasota, FL 34236
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10 sibling
Used only for the 2nd or 3 rd Sibling attending Intro to Dance Camp or Intermediate Movers Camp.
7/8/2024 10-sibling
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7/21/2023 Spigel
I love SCD: the big performances, the in-studio performances, the Ensemble, the classes. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging. SCD also does a lot of work with people who have Parkinson's Disease and is very respectful of everyone's abilities.
4/19/2023 Ioffe
Great Studio!!
4/19/2023 Ioffe
Feels like family here
4/14/2023 Ioffe
Awesome studio
3/20/2023 Ioffe
Amazing studio.
11/8/2022 Flanary
My daughter started here a few weeks ago. She LOVES it and says everyone is so friendly and helpful. She's excited to get back into dance after her other studio closed.
10/8/2022 Torchia
Excellent variety great instructor and good for diff levels when you are older coming back to dance after a long break
6/6/2022 Batista6
2/28/2022 Duran11
Great Class ??
4/30/2021 Gonzalez214
Leymis and the staff at SCD offer professional and artistically rich dance instruction in a nurturing and fun environment.
3/12/2021 Marentette
I really enjoy the Contemporary Dance class on Fridays at 6:00.
10/13/2020 j3ndiaz
I love that I found this place
6/18/2020 Akal
After taking years away from dance I felt welcomed and immediately grew a new family when I started back dancing with SCD
1/2/2020 Gisiger
Wonderful dance experience for my young dancer. ??????
5/22/2019 Swift
SCD's instructors are so welcoming and create a comfortable atmosphere/culture for people at all levels.
5/9/2019 Pendergast1
Decided to take a break from work last night to try adult contemporary jazz w/ Melissa Rummel and can’t say enough great things about the entirety of my experience!! User-friendly website/schedule, great reviews, and the CHEAPEST drop-in price I’ve ever seen got me in the door. The studio itself is gorgeous! Very clean, easy to find, and ample space! As for the class itself, Melissa is AWESOME - she was able to make the hour and a half super productive and easy to follow while incorporating technique into the movements without making it FEEL so technical (if that makes sense!) after years away from a studio or class, it was so fun, challenging, and fresh that I immediately signed up for more!!! Can’t wait to go back for contemporary on Saturday!!!
3/10/2019 Weatherwax
What a wonderful time!!! Learned so much about contemporary dance and about what my body does and does not want to do! The instructor, Xuan, encouraged me and had SUCH a positice energy! Did not feel uncomfortable ever even when I struggled. TAKE HER CLASS!!!!
1/14/2019 Blass
Had an absolute blast learning Urban Technique choregraphed by Rick! He’s really easy going, and overall super wonderful, informative, smooth dance teacher. The moves were really fun and the right amount of challenging for little experience. I definitely got into it. Love love love it. I look forward to trying the other classes.
11/7/2018 Spigel
I love Red Tent classes!
9/15/2018 SarahDee
Excellent adult contemporary class! I'll definitely be coming back again. :)