One Hot Studio

One Hot Studio

913 E Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL 34470
Fitness, Retail, Wellness
Weight Training, Barre Classes, Core Training, Restorative Stretching, Boot Camp, Interval Training, Group Classes, Gym, Mobility, Kettlebell, Conscious Fitness, Dance, Pilates, Personal Training, Cardio


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5/10/2023 Betts5
Best yoga studio! Amazing classes and instructors. Would give more stars if possible!
5/2/2023 VarnerK
Great work out!
4/25/2023 EJohnston
Great place!
4/16/2023 LaFountain1
Great class!
3/22/2023 Bianculli
Amazing class. I burned a lot of calories and the instructor was wonderful.
3/13/2023 Clark144
3/9/2023 Stone39
Loved the class and i felt very comfortable being out of my element
2/21/2023 Chandani
Amazing instructors, friendly environment, challenging classes. Everything you could ever want in a fitness studio + community + a cool lavendar towel after class. I love it here!!!
2/17/2023 Bello3
I love coming to Hot Yoga. I really enjoy the classes and feel better everytime I leave any class.
2/14/2023 Cunliffe1
Amanda teaches a beautiful class, the studio is clean, & the students are all lovely.
2/4/2023 Whitaker12
It was good
1/26/2023 Acosta26
Great studio
1/24/2023 Fielding3
I've done Slow Flow with Erica and Restorative Yin with Shira. Both classes were amazing!! Slow Flow is graceful and challenging. Restorative Yin is exactly what it says it is. You leave the class feeling restored, rejuvenated, and balanced. You definitely come away form classes knowing your body better. Amazing place to build a better relationship with your body and nourish your spirit. Trying Hot Yoga and PIlates next!
1/17/2023 Watt1
Love love!!
1/16/2023 Konopa
Loved this place from the first day I ever went. I am so happy to be back this year and look forward to strengthening my skills, finding balance, and enjoying all the benefits you have to offer. Thanks for being great!
1/16/2023 crews13
1/13/2023 Hastad
Great class
1/11/2023 Barker20
Fantastic! Cant move my atms!! Lol
1/10/2023 Rains1
I am addicted !
1/7/2023 Grimes9
26.2 with Shira was amazing!