Jerry Owen Strength and Conditioning

Jerry Owen Strength and Conditioning

51 E Plainfield Rd
Countryside, IL 60525
Sports, Nutritionists, Circuit Training, Family Fitness, Physical Therapy, Group Classes, Cardio, Personal Training, Boot Camp, Boxing, Interval Training, Martial Arts, Children's Fitness, Kettlebell, Weight Training


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9/23/2019 Kenny2
Jerry is outstanding
7/14/2019 seanpryan4
Well structured and organized, knows how to push me to reasonable limits. Have seen strength consistently improve.
12/7/2018 Easton1
Jerry does a terrific job building variety into the workouts but keeping them consistently challenging. Instead of yelling, he's great at explaining how everyone can make the workout more individually challenging (or lighten it up a bit if that's where you're at that day). I've never stuck with strength training on my own and this has proved to be an affordable routine that's easy (and even fun!) to stick with.
9/30/2018 Regan
Jerry is a great teacher. Keeps you challenged while insisting on perfect form to avoid injuries.
8/29/2017 Wubbolding
He makes me want to do this every week
8/10/2017 Quinn4
Jerry has an impressive range of knowledge across a number of different disciplines: power lifting, olympic lifting, kettlebells, nutrition, physical therapy, and general wellness and fitness. He is uncommonly patient, with a calm, an almost zen-like presence during sessions (which is good because I don't like being yelled at). But the sessions move at a brisk pace, with one item building on the last, and setting up the next. Lots of work gets accomplished during the hour, and time flies by. It is often the best part of my day. Highly recommended.
7/10/2017 Casey
I've been working out with Jerry Owen for over 2 years and I can attest that He has helped me meet all of my physical & athletic goals with the mindset of quality over quantity. I started working with Jerry as my physical therapist. He help me through my chronic injuries by addressing the root of my problems. Since then, I feel that I train smarter. My conditioning and strength are constantly challenged through the help of Jerry's vast knowledge of the human body and always with my goals in mind. Thanks Jerry!! I can say that I'm a happy athlete. Can't wait for our next workout.