CrossFit Intrinsic

CrossFit Intrinsic

426 McArthur Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Fitness, Retail
Dynamic Stretching, Gym, Weight Training, Running, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Personal Training, Kettlebell, Retail, Group Classes, Rowing, Children's Fitness, TRX, Mobility


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3/2/2020 15

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2/10/2020 Zito
My son and I love Crossfit Intrinsic. Everyone is so supportive during WOD’s and they are definitely so friendly and aim to become more family.
10/1/2019 Burlew
Great instructor and what a wonderful community of crossfiters !!
9/2/2019 Strickland4
Awesome people, awesome place!
8/5/2019 sanders17
Coachs are great, everyone is super friendly. It’s a community not just a gym.
6/5/2019 ZAHND
The best! Very thankful for this gym.
4/8/2019 Cain3
3/11/2019 Hatem
Great place
3/5/2019 LESLIE
I have back issues and ankle issues, but they are there to help me make sure I do things right or modify the work out for me I'm so happy i found this place
1/31/2019 Palazzo
Great community!
12/26/2018 Strickland1
Easier access to the WOD woild be a great addition.
12/11/2018 Boyles
Great gym and community. Would highly recommend to anyone who has a family and is starting out with Crossfit. Everyone is welcoming and the gym is so family friendly.
12/4/2018 Rochester
I’ve done CrossFit at a few boxes and CFI have some of the most welcoming and knowledgable people! I thoroughly look forward to working out.
11/20/2018 Kennedy8
Great gym!
11/2/2018 Emswiler
Great gym, great people, great instruction
10/6/2018 sistare
Awesome place!
10/1/2018 Allsup1
Amazing gym, amazing coaching, amazing everything!
9/10/2018 Thayer
I've been doing crossfit since 2012 and this has been the best coaching and programming for myself.
8/21/2018 Huff1
Awesome gym and awesome staff
8/18/2018 Malcolm
Top Quality Gym!! Attentive, Caring Coaches!!
8/15/2018 Bassett1
I like it