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1/8/2023 Ana
Anita has so much knowledge and I found instant relief in just one class! She is also very kind and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.
1/8/2023 Budow
Anita is a great teacher - I'm so glad that I found her class!!!
1/10/2022 Halloran
So accesssible, helpful, therapeutic, and convenient with an amazing instructor!
10/2/2021 Manzi2
I love yoga with Anita! The dedicated practice has been tremendous in giving me strength both mentally and physically. It has helped me establish a calmer approach to situations and has connected me to wonderful people who also participate in her classes.
3/4/2021 Alan C
If you want to become functionally fit you need to work with Anita. She'll keep you safe and make you strong, fit and more mobile. Start at any age, any weight and just get better. Your gift to yourself!
7/22/2020 Sussman
Great class
7/7/2020 Cappiello
Anita is an incredible teacher. It's amazing how much three thirty-minute classes a week can make a difference, physically and emotionally. Doing yoga from the comfort of home is a wonderful experience! Anita creates a virtual community that makes the experience really special.
6/6/2020 Barett1
The progress I have made with All Beings Yoga has exceeded anything I ever imagined. Especially during this crisis - being able to practice from home in a nurturing virtual classroom setting with great people and knowledgeable instructor in Anita has been a great blessing. Highly, highly recommend.
2/28/2020 St. Louis
All Beings Yoga is AMAZING. Anita really differentiates and makes it a safe and welcoming place to explore bodies and flexibility. Always wanted to try yoga but was too self conscious. This class is not like other spaces; you feel welcomed right away.
1/31/2020 lovejennik
I have been searching for a yoga teacher like Anita in NYC for years and years. When she says all beings, she means it! Accomodating and affirming, this yoga practice with All Beings Yoga has been healing for my relationship with yoga, the city, and of course myself! Perfect for beginners, those with injuries, and different abilities. I came specifically for her work with larger bodies and accomodating my belly and it has changed so much for my embodiment. The smaller class sizes and her careful attention to students is such a sparkling aspect!
12/11/2019 Haravon1
Great class!
10/1/2019 BigPatK
Awesome teacher. Awesome studenrs. Awesome class.
9/18/2019 Kelsey2
Awesome class!!
9/10/2019 Sweeney5
Anita’s positive energy is infectious. She works with you as an individual to identify your current abilities yet challenges you to go a bit further each time. Thanks so much for a wonderful session! Ill be back!
8/23/2019 Beatrice
Knowledgeable, patient teacher.